Find out more about our services at 84 Auto Recycling.

  • Tire Service

    We sell used tires, some are still in great condition. Used tires are a more affordable alternative to buying brand new. If you are planning to trade your car in soon, or you want to match the wear on your other tires. We have many sizes in stock. We inspect them and offer a guaranty on all tires. We also offer mounting and balancing.

  • Auto Parts Ordering

    We offer new parts for sale through our part ordering service. If we don’t have the part we can usually get it. We can easily find any part for your car, no matter what the make or model. You can call to place your order or search using our online search tool. It's easy and simple and it can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

  • Quality Used Parts

    We also carry a large inventory of used auto parts. Unlike pull-a-part junkyards, our parts are extracted by mechanics, so you can rest assured the part was not damaged. We have a large inventory of wrecked and damaged cars to pick parts from.