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  • 19 Feb

    5 Tips to Care For Your Tires and Rims

    Five quick and easy tips to care for your tires year round.

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  • 19 May

    Car Maintenance Tips: Part I

    Be sure to keep your car in great condition, or else it will end up in our scrapyard.

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  • 19 Apr

    Car Maintenance Tips: Part II

    More helpful maintenance tips from your friends at 84 Auto Recyclers.

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  • 19 Mar

    Finding A Part For Your Car

    Buying used parts from a professional scrapyard, like 84 Auto Recyclers, can help save you time and money.

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  • 27 Sep

    The New 84 Auto Recyclers Shop Truck Project

    As promised I am finally starting to make time to get some of our projects listed here on the site.  Our new shop truck is going to be a 1999 S10 Xtreme that has had a 5.3 4l60e combo  swapped in.  The truck originally came factory with a 2.2 engine and 5spd transmission.  The plan […]

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  • 26 Jun

    The New 84 Auto Recyclers Web Site

    Thanks for checking out the new 84autorecyclers.com website. You can also reach it at 84auto.com. We will soon be adding some of our projects that we got going on at the shop.

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  • 18 Jan

    Used Auto Parts Are Just As Good As New!

    Professional salvage yards, such as 84 Auto Recyclers, offer quality used parts that work just as well as new parts.

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