The New 84 Auto Recyclers Shop Truck Project

As promised I am finally starting to make time to get some of our projects listed here on the site.  Our new shop truck is going to be a 1999 S10 Xtreme that has had a 5.3 4l60e combo  swapped in.  The truck originally came factory with a 2.2 engine and 5spd transmission.  The plan for the truck is to make everything look as if it came from the factory with that motor and transmission.  Also I want everything to work such as cruise and ac.  Here is how truck look when it arrived at the shop.






The truck has several dents and beat up places but there is no rust.  That was the main reason for using this s10.  So I started tearing the truck apart to get the motor and trans out.


Once I got the original motor and trans out I had to notch the passenger side frame rail for the ac compressor to fit in.



I had to also notch the crossmember also for oil pan clearance.



After all that I was able to install the motor and transmission.


Since then I have had to modify the heater/ac box, rework the silverado computer harness to match up with the s10 harness and several other things.




So this is where I am at right now.  I have had the engine running but my fuel pump is not up the task so I am going to swap it out to another pump I have in a different truck.  As I make more progress I will post anything new that happens with the truck.  Also I will be posting about my father’s 1965 comet wagon that is be resto modded with 2014 mustang parts stay tuned.